Cherished Pieces - Lauren

Lauren and her husband Mathew took the modern approach of designing their engagement ring together, and the final piece was beyond both of their expectations. Read the stories to find out more about the memories and pieces, that Lauren’s jewellery holds.⁠

Do you have a favourite piece of jewellery from Rohan Jewellers?

My favourite piece is still my engagement ring. It was this journey that first introduced us to Rohan, and later Toni, and together Matthew and I were able to spend time with Rohan creating a special piece of jewellery that is uniquely mine and that I still absolutely love today.​

Most memorable moment when wearing this piece? 

Our wedding day and being able to celebrate with family and friends. However, it’s so special to be able to wear it every day.​

Have you always loved jewellery or has your appreciation evolved? 

Definitely evolved. I only ever owned sterling silver jewellery before discovering Rohan jewellers and now am so lucky to be able to own a few different pieces and learn to have a better appreciation of the craftmanship involved in creating bespoke pieces.​

When designing your pieces of jewellery, did you have a strong vision for what you wanted or did you collaborate with Rohan Jewellers to come up with the design? 

The beauty about working with Rohan and his team is that even if you come in with an idea, he is able to refine the brief to ensure the final piece is beyond your expectations. Rohan values quality craftmanship so highly that you always know you are getting a piece to last a lifetime or beyond. I was lucky enough to come meet Rohan (with Matthew) with an idea for my engagement ring and we worked together to source the diamond from New York and create the ring I love.​

Do you see your jewellery as more than just an object that you wear?

Yes absolutely. I have a sapphire ring that to me represents my two boys and also a necklace with a pink diamond that symbolises my daughter that I hope I can pass on to her at some point in the future. My wedding and engagement rings are my connection to my husband Matthew and I also have some earrings I received from my parents for my 30th birthday so every piece holds a special emotive connection and I’m so grateful to own such incredible pieces of jewellery.​

What brought you to Rohan Jewellers? 

We literally found him in a google search after we got engaged and loved the story about where life had taken Rohan and Toni before opening their business in Perth, and that each jewellery piece was handcrafted especially for you.

Do you have a memory of a special piece of jewellery worn by someone close to you? 

I always loved looking at my Gran’s rings that featured sapphires which was different to other rings I had seen on my Mum and Mum’s of my friends. I loved the stories behind where the rings had come from or what they meant to her.​

Do you have anything else you would like to add? 

Not only do Rohan and Toni run a successful business but they are some of the most generous people you will meet, often donating jewellery pieces to charity organisations for fundraising purposes. They are so warm and inviting and have become wonderful friends over the years, and anyone who gets to experience the Rohan service is so fortunate, we would and have recommended them to anyone.​

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