To own an Argyle pink diamond is to be the custodian of an unsurpassed heirloom; to gaze upon it is to view unfathomable beauty; to give one is to impart a gift that is truly beyond rare.

Selecting an Argyle Pink Diamond

The allure of pink diamonds is intensifying as the world’s largest mine of the sought-after gem prepares to close this year.

Since their arrival on the world stage, Argyle pink diamonds have thrilled, seduced and inspired jewellers and collectors around the world. The Argyle Diamond Mine, located in Western Australia, is the world’s only consistent source of pink diamonds, accounting for more than 90% of the world’s pink diamond supply; although this treasure trove will not continue in perpetuity. This year, in 2020, the Argyle Mine will cease production of pink diamonds.


GIA Grading

Argyle pink diamonds offer a vibrancy and spectrum of colour not seen in other diamonds, which contribute to their revered reputation for rarity, beauty and luxury. It is well known that when buying any diamond, it’s advisable to look for the four Cs – colour, clarity, cut and carat.

This also applies when buying a pink diamond, with the exception that there is a greater focus on colour, as the intensity or rarity of colour elevates a pink diamond’s value. The ultimate pink diamond is not necessarily large, in fact only a very small percentage are more than a carat.

The Gemological Institute of America grades pink diamonds by both colour and clarity, with colour categories ranging from Faint Pink through to rare colours such as Fancy Deep Pink and Fancy Red.

For fancy coloured diamonds, the ‘C’ for colour typically outweighs the other three Cs (clarity, cut and carat weight) in determination of value. This certainly applies to Argyle pink diamonds, as the value commonly increases along with the intensity of colour. While clarity and the presence of fluorescence may ordinarily impact the value of white diamonds, these characteristics are less of a consideration in the value determination of Argyle pink diamonds.

The presence of colour in pink diamonds remains a mystery, but it is certain that it is not derived from a predominant trace element or impurity. In the case of Argyle pink diamonds, it is thought that extraordinary pressure more than 160 kilometres below ground raised the diamonds to the surface and it has been established that the twist in the crystal lattice is present in all pink diamonds, refracting light and producing colour. Levels of nitrogen appear to also be important, with lower levels favouring pink colours.

Fancy red is the most coveted colour and only a handful ever see the light of day. Less than 3% of all tender diamonds have received a Red GIA classification.

Works of Art

When global financial markets show volatility and instability, affluent collectors around the world continue to seek out true rarity and diversify into hard assets. Much like fine art and antiques, Argyle pink diamonds fulfil these criteria, and as supply dwindles, international collectors continue to acquire these rare pieces for their personal holdings.

Parallels are often made with Argyle pink diamonds and fine art – not only because each polished stone is in itself a work of art, but due to the allure and perpetual value associated with both. Historically fine art and Argyle pink diamonds have sustained their worth and each maintained their status as a definitive collectable, regardless of market conditions.

Fine jewellery, especially that featuring fancy coloured diamonds, is renowned as one of the top investments of passion globally, along with other collectable luxury assets.


and Assured Provenance

From the moment a rough Argyle pink diamond is unearthed from the Argyle Diamond Mine until the time it is offered for purchase as a polished stone, the remarkable collectable is upheld by professional vigilance and dedicated care.

Rohan Jewellers is part of a global network of specially appointed Authorised Partners and Select Ateliers. We are committed to standards of care and ensure the chain of custody of every Argyle pink diamond remains intact. As an Argyle Pink Diamond Select Atelier™, we are counted on as the most trusted jewellers in the industry, relied on for our unerring quality, integrity, and spectacular creativity. Most importantly, we share a passion for perfection that is the quest for the absolute.


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