Cherished Pieces - Anna

Anna has been known to wear this stunning necklace whilst playing tennis, and why not. Find out more about the cherished pieces Rohan Jewellers has designed for this avid appreciator for design and creativity.⁠

Do you have a favourite piece of jewellery from Rohan Jewellers?

My favourite piece is too hard to choose but I am most definitely a sucker for my earring collection the most. I feel this is where the use of some beautiful less common stones have really been showcased and the creatives behind it have really highlighted their skills to create unique, detailed and signature pieces.

It would be a hard choice between my little “minties” and my hanging tourmalines. Both pieces I saw on instagram and it was love at first site and I simply had to have them.​

Earrings are also the only pieces I can wear all the time due to my sporting commitments and still be able to enjoy my jewellery.​

Do you see your jewellery as more than just an object that you wear?​

Jewellery to me should be worn at any occasion. It’s like wearable art. 

Have you always loved jewellery or has your appreciation evolved?

Haha, I feel as though my interest of jewellery has grown significantly as I have gotten older, luckily my husband is very generous and I have now started thinking which of my children suits each piece.

When designing your pieces of jewellery, did you have a strong vision for what you wanted, or did you collaborate with Rohan Jewellers to come up with the design? 

Often I have seen pieces already designed and just knew they were “my style” other pieces I have given basic direction but trust the process and creator to use their own initiative to come up with something generally a little less “safe” than typical pieces.

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