Cherished Pieces

For our special client, many of her most precious moments in life have been signified with a cherished piece of jewellery designed by Rohan Milne. Read more in our stories how this how now became a tradition, with Rohan Jewellers creating heirloom pieces for her, to continue to pass down to their 3 girls.⁠

The Story of the necklace…

I had a simple wedding dress and when we went to pick up our wedding bands from Rohan my husband asked me what jewellery I was going to wear for our wedding. I jokingly pointed to the diamond necklace in the window as we walked past it. My husband then went on to ask Rohan if we could borrow it for the wedding, and we did. We subsequently returned it very promptly after the wedding! ​

Three years later, my husband flew back in to Perth after completing a big project away. I wanted to surprise him by taking him out to a nice lunch, which I told him as he was boarding the plane. So I picked him up from the airport and we went straight out to lunch. 15 minutes later Rohan appears. I spy him and call him over to have a celebratory drink with us, so he sits down and we start chatting. 

Rohan is still there quite some later and I asked him if he needed to deliver the beautiful Rohan Jewellers gift package which was in a bag beside him to someone, presuming it was someones engagement or the like. He looks at my husband and they both give each other the cheekiest of grins. And pass the beautiful package over to me. I don’t like surprises and was completely dumbfounded. I unwrapped it, opened up the box ever so slightly and saw the smallest piece of the necklace. (I think I swore) I certainly cried. 

The backstory is my husband bought the beautiful diamond necklace for me after our wedding and Rohan kept it safe for us for three years! An incredible piece of marksmanship, with a lovely story and an even lovelier future, for our daughters and granddaughters to wear one day (they’ve already asked!) they’ll wear it at their own wedding. 

And that was also the beginning of Rohan popping up at every special birthday or anniversary we’ve had with a special little package in tow.

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