The Designer

Born in Western Australia, the great grandson of Captain James Tilly a founding father of Broome’s pearling industry, Rohan Milne developed a passion for designing and crafting jewellery at a tender age. As a multi-award winning apprentice jeweller, Rohan would seek out the finest craftsmen in the world to become a constant student of the art. It began with a rare invitation by the world’s most awarded jewellery designer, Henry Dunay, to travel to New York City for a trial in his workshop.  After just one week, Rohan was offered a position in Mr Dunay’s Production Workshop, working with a team of 22 jewellers.  Shortly after, he was personally invited by Mr Dunay to join his Private Workshop, consisting of a team of just five jewellers creating one-off pieces for valued clients.

Under the watchful eye of this world acclaimed designer, Rohan was taught the age-old traditions of handcrafting jewellery; using techniques rarely practiced in the present day. In his continued pursuit for excellence, as a highly accomplished jeweller, Rohan moved to Rome, where he had the privilege of training under the instruction of Maestro Giorgio Guccione and his son Gianluca. Described by Rohan as ‘a true master of the lost art’, Rohan was inspired by the highly traditional methods of jewellery design and creation.  During his time in Rome he was honoured with the request to handcraft cufflinks for Pope John Paul II and the then Prime Minister of Italy. He returned to his home town of Perth in 2007, and with wife Toni, founded Rohan Jewellers.

With a finite commitment to traditional handcrafting, Rohan now showcases his original designs in a Leederville studio and workshop, and Rohan Jewellers at Perth’s State Buildings. In 2011, Rohan Jewellers was chosen as one of just thirty jewellers worldwide by Argyle Diamonds, to become an Argyle Pink Diamonds Select Atelier; representing the rarest diamonds in the world. An honour to say the least – and a position we are extremely proud to have attained.

Personable, relaxed and with a renowned eye for the aesthetic, Rohan and his team enjoy nothing more than to sit with their clients to discuss, sketch and select the perfect stones and precious metals to create an original Rohan design.