Cherished Pieces - Ali

For WA icon Ali, her Rohan Jewellers pieces are iconic as herself. But it’s the friendship and the connection to Rohan and his wife Toni, that are far more than just a retail or service experience.⁠

Do you have a favourite piece of jewellery from Rohan Jewellers?

My absolute favourite piece is of course my sapphire and diamond platinum wedding ring.

What are the special memories linked to this piece?

The entire journey of joy – and the friendship that ensued with Toni and Rohan during the creation of this piece, will be with my husband and I eternally. I was blessed to inherit my Auntie’s sapphire ring which, with deep and considered consultation with Rohan and Toni, became a bespoke  recreation surrounded by diamonds – baguettes and smaller in abundance. The extraordinary thing about this stone is that as Rohan worked to create the piece, he realised that this sapphire – although brilliantly blue in its original setting, literally changes colour to an incredibly pure emerald green,  depending upon the lighting and the moment. I feel that my Aunty is near me when it is glowingly green,  and this magic only evolved when the stone was in Rohan’s hands – a testament to the energy he exudes as a true creative soul.

Most memorable moment when wearing this piece? 

There is the greatest pleasure in my heart, every time I put this ring on. It is a stunning representation of collaboration and love – that it belonged to my Aunty, was bequeathed to me, then to be reimagined with such trust and treasured consultation between 4 people who have become bonded through listening and respect.​

Finally, each time I admire this ring, I am reminded of the sanctity and privilege of discovering the one human that you choose  – an individual, a friend, a shoulder, a rock, a lifetime – an endless source of joy, laughter  and respect, that is represented by a symbolic circle.

Have you always loved jewellery or has your appreciation evolved?

Jewellery has always been an essential expression of a desire to celebrate life. One can never have too much sparkle, and to dress for self, is a sure fire way to face your world head on, feeling fabulous and infallible – whether it be diamonds or exotic, deco chic from a vintage bygone, I have always practised the over-adorning rule. Jewels can finish the most simple ensemble and take you to another level in an instant.

When designing your pieces of jewellery, did you have a strong vision for what you wanted or did you collaborate with Rohan Jewellers to come up with the design?

I have always adored classic, deco, and heavier set pieces, so although the overarching design was reasonably sure in my mind, with a collection of ideas and imagery, and paired with discussions around stylings, Rohan created 3 sketches from our consultations and we literally chose the first one. The level of trust surrounding this process was phenomenal and the moments shared in Rohan and Toni’s studio are indelibly etched into the memories leading up to our wedding.​

The final finishing signature detail that Rohan adds so generously to each original piece of the garnet stamped on the interior band, is a sublime dedication to true artisanal craftsmanship.​

Do you have a memory of a special piece of jewellery worn by someone close to you?

My Mother was given a stunning set consisting of Victorian earrings, a brooch and a ring made out of garnets for her 21st birthday – these remain in our family and I relish the history of stories that such pieces can bring.​

On another note, the creation by Rohan of my husband’s wedding band was the most incredible experience. He is a professional Principal flautist and at the time, owned a solid 14 carat gold flute which he asked Rohan to match the ring to.​ Sourcing a combination of prospectors gold and other combinations, Rohan created the most stunning match to his flute which literally glowed together on stage and once again, commemorated the time and consideration put into the final outcome.​

What brought you to Rohan?

We became friends with Rohan and Toni through their store at the State Bulidings – we have never looked back!

Do you see your jewellery as more than just an object that you wear?

Absolutely – they mean so much more than a wearable object. It allows pause and an overflowing of memories that travel with you wherever you go.

Do you have anything else you would like to add?

These relationships that are formed are far more than a retail or service experience – this is a lifestyle that has been carefully developed due to a deep understanding of ‘relationship’ – the loyalty that ensues is far deeper than ever imagined as this is not just a business but a family experience. There is simply no better understanding of how important these intimate moments can be and it is an honour to call Rohan and Toni friends indeed.

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