Rohan Jewellers' Italian Odyssey: From Castles to Pucci, Gems to Cinema

Fresh and sunkissed from a European sojourn, Rohan Jewellery founders Rohan and Toni are back, bringing home Italy’s finest inspirations for you to savour.

STAY – Hotel Castello di Reschio

Lined with pencil pines and adored by culture-changers like Gwyneth Paltrow, Hotel Castello di Reschio’s 3,750 acres of rolling Umbrian wilderness offer an artful blend of old and new, nature and luxury. An exquisite 1,000-year-old castle has been reimagined as a decadent modern hotel, complete with a stable-turned-moonlight cinema, a secluded glassy lake, and panoramic views of Tuscany and Umbria. Sublimely appointed rooms reference the castle’s rich history in a fresh way. There are plenty of ways to holiday at Reschio, from foraging in the meadows to mastering Italian cuisine. Art, beauty, history, pleasure – passing the time at Hotel Castello di Reschio is Rohan’s idea of Italian hospitality.

TIP – Travelling with Jewellery

After years of keeping it local, travel is enjoying a long-awaited renaissance. Whether it’s Italy or interstate, Toni of Rohan Jewellers has some savvy pointers for keeping your precious gems glittering and secure:

  • If you’d rather not wear your pieces while travelling, store them in your carry-on luggage in proper jewellery storage pouches rather than in checked luggage.
  • Depending on your destination, you may opt to wear minimal jewellery for security reasons—for example, wear your wedding band and leave your engagement ring behind.
  • If you choose to travel with special pieces, be sure to check your insurance policy to ensure your jewellery is covered while travelling.
  • Why not use this opportunity while you are away to drop your jewellery off at ROHAN’s new Mount Lawley atelier for a full-service clean so you can ease back into reality upon your return with jewels that are sparkling like new.

WEAR – Pucci

Everything old is new again, and Pucci’s latest revival is here to prove just that. The iconic resortwear label’s new artistic director, Parisian Camille Miceli, made a splash this Euro summer with a 2-day Capri sojourn worthy of a Slim Aarons’ spread. Think fashion’s beau monde, synchronised sunbathers, and plenty of aperitifs for good measure. Luring the jet-set to the site of Pucci’s first store location, the experiential event signalled a renaissance of retro silhouettes and playful prints. This season’s muse? The art of living well, according to Miceli. To enjoy oneself is the ultimate in self-care. Colour, fun, and nostalgia, Pucci is the perfect dose of levity for serious diamonds.

SEE – The Aventine Key Hole in Rome

An aperture of exquisite history, the Aventine Key Hole can be found as part of the Church of S. Maria del Priorato, on the summit of Rome’s Aventine hill, just near the Orange Garden. Owned by the ancient religious military order, the Knights of Malta, the Church’s narrow opening framed by lushly coiffed greenery gives way to a sublime view of the dome of St Peter’s and sweeping views from the sovereign territory of the Knights of Malta, Italy, and the Vatican in the rearview. The vista can be visited any time of day or night, but Rohan likes it best just after sunrise – simply magic.

WATCH – Cinema Paradiso (1988)

While it’s still arctic outside, why not finesse your hibernation with Giuseppe Tornatore’s coming-of-age drama Cinema Paradiso. Set in Sicily and lauded as one of the greatest films of all time, the film follows the unique rapport between a young Salvatore and an aging Alfredo, who works at the titular movie theatre. This timeless story arc is often credited with sparking the renaissance of Italian cinema. Alfredo’s passion for the ‘old way’ speaks to Rohan’s own belief in craftsmanship and nostalgic nuances.