Kimberley Cascade: Crafting Nature's Symphony with Rohan Jewellers

“This piece has taken many, many hours and is a true collaboration of the Rohan Jewellers team, from designers to workshop to the mechanisms where we can remove the cascades and insert them into the earrings. Everyone plays a part in creating what we make; this is the epitome of it. In the Kimberley, when the rain gushes over the tops of the ridges and tumbles down the gorges in a sensational cascade, the inspiration was to create that wonder of the first rains by using pops of pinks and blues that come only from the Argyle diamond mine which is in the Kimberley region.” – Rohan Milne.

Step into the world of Rohan Jewellers and witness the Kimberley Cascade – a meticulously crafted masterpiece echoing the first rains after a drought and the mesmerising wonders of the Kimberley, Western Australia. Adorned with exquisite Argyle Pink Diamonds, this collection invites you to explore the essence of the Kimberley’s natural allure.

A harmonious blend of artistry and nature’s bounty, the Kimberley Cascade features a careful selection of Argyle pink and blue diamonds, exclusively sourced from the renowned Argyle diamond mine in Western Australia. It unfolds as a collaborative symphony, where each member of the Rohan Jewellers team contributes to the creation of this unique collection.

Beyond captivating aesthetics, the Kimberley Cascade is a versatile heirloom. With innovative mechanisms, the cascades gracefully detach from the necklace, seamlessly adorning the earrings. This ingenious design allows for a dynamic and personalised style, reflecting the wearer’s unique taste.

To immerse yourself in the enchantment of the Kimberley Cascade, secure a private viewing appointment by calling 9242 1155. Witness the fusion of Western Australia’s natural wonders and the timeless elegance of Argyle pink and blue diamonds, meticulously crafted by Rohan Jewellers.