Engage with Colour!

Renowned for our coloured stone collection, personalise your ring with a pop of colour by incorporating only the finest and most beautiful gemstones, hand-picked and personally sourced with love and care.

Discover our diverse selection of diamonds and coloured gems.

A cushion cut green tourmaline and diamond ring receiving a polish in our Leederville workshop.

A padparadscha sapphire and diamond twist ring, from our current collection.

A past bespoke piece for a client featuring an oval cut blue sapphire.

A padparadscha sapphire and diamond two tone ring from our current collection.

Loose sapphires and tourmalines from our current collection.

If you’re inspired to add colour to your engagement piece or right hand ring design, visit one of our boutiques or peruse further bespoke ring designs. If you are searching for something entirely original, contact us┬áto book an appointment and create a bespoke ring with our designers.