What is Bespoke?

Handcrafting beautifully designed bespoke jewellery to be adored for generations is in our DNA, and is at the core of what we do at Rohan Jewellers.

‘Bespoke’ design is the art of collaboration and interpretation of an initial idea. It is often the melding together of a number of different elements of various designs that our clients have seen, and creating something that is unique and aesthetically beautiful with our jewellers.

Creating a bespoke piece of jewellery is a fun, creative and explorative process. It should be enjoyable and not constrained by time. As our clients explore ideas, their creativity is expanded and the final design may often be vastly different from an initial idea. It is the journey of design that takes our clients from one concept to – quite often – a much more considered design that has strong personal meaning.

Bespoke allows you to create a custom made piece of jewellery, or be inspired by a design from our collection and tweak it to make it your own.


As specialists in bespoke jewellery, Rohan Jewellers creates superlative one-off handcrafted pieces from the world’s finest metals and gemstones. Imagination is the only boundary, and through this collaborative approach, Rohan Milne and his skilled team of jewellers enjoy nothing more than to sit with clients to explore ideas, sketch, and source the perfect stones and precious metals to create an original Rohan Jewellers design.

All of our jewellery is handcrafted onsite at our Leederville workshop by the finest craftsmen and women. We work with clients all over the world, and are experienced in collaborating virtually to bring their designs to life.


The Bespoke

For each bespoke piece, designed and created in our workshop, we document each step of the handcrafting process from first sketch, to the finished piece in a custom book. Personalised just for you, it is a keepsake that shares the crafting journey of your design, and is an additional gift for the wearer.

Quite simply, my design philosophy is based on a combination of contemporary rationale and traditional crafting methods. I combine this with an inclusive approach with my clients, to create jewellery that I am always proud to put my name to.