Does a custom design cost me more?
This is a common question we get asked – what is the difference in price between creating a bespoke custom designed ring and choosing an existing ring from your collection? The answer is there is no difference in price as all of our jewellery is bespoke and handcrafted. We are passionate about creating one-off designs for our clients.


How long does it take to have a custom made engagement ring made?
Depending on how complex the design is, our usual turnaround time is 6  weeks from when the final design and stones are confirmed.


What designs can we choose from?
We specialise in handcrafted and custom designed jewellery. The sky really is the limit when it comes to a bespoke design. We offer a beautiful range of handcrafted finished rings from our engagement ring collection that are ready to wear. If you are inspired by one of our rings and you would like to tweak the design slightly to make it truly your own, this is also an option. We have a team of talented designers and jewellers that can create something uniquely for you, and if you wish Rohan to be involved in your custom design journey, just ask.


I already have a design in mind – can you make it for me?
Yes, absolutely. All of our engagement rings are custom made so you can sit with one of our designers and discuss all of your ideas. If you have any images, bring them along to help our designers see exactly what you are looking for. We can then sketch concepts for you to choose from. You are welcome to make adjustments to the sketches or choose one to your liking. Once you have chosen a design, we can provide a quote.


Can I view the diamonds and gemstones before deciding on the one?
Absolutely. Once again this is the key to finding the right gemstone for you. Without options it is hard to compare, so how would you know you have found the one? We love finding the gemstone that speaks to our clients, not necessarily the one that just looks good on paper. During a one-on-one design consultation, you can choose your diamond or coloured gemstone from a wide range of options. Our experienced team of jewellers and diamond graders will go through each gemstone with you and explain the differences. Often there is one that appeals to you over others, and it is not always the most expensive or largest one.


I don’t live in Perth, can I liaise with you via phone/email to have a piece designed? Do you post?
We have many national and international clients. We understand the difficulties in getting to our boutiques and hence, we are very adept at phone / email liaising on design and stone selection. We still go through the same process as if you were in store. We will look at a number of options before selecting the one that suits the design and the budget. We then take progress shots in our workshop so you can see the piece come to life.


Are there other options for those who don’t want a diamond?
Yes, absolutely. This is our happy place! We can certainly assist with different alternatives to a diamond. White and coloured gemstones are becoming increasingly popular for engagement rings. We offer a wide variety of precious and semi-precious coloured gemstones in all shapes and sizes. Our team of expert jewellers can help you with finding the right gemstone through our global network of trusted suppliers if we don’t have the right one for you already in our collection. Our jewellers can educate you on the different qualities and characteristics of each stone.


If we already have our diamond, can you still make the ring?
It is possible to use your own gemstone or diamond, however there is a surcharge for using your own stone and we will need to view the stone in person prior to confirming if we can work with it.  There are also stones that we will not work with such as moissanite, fracture-filled, lab-grown or synthetic diamonds. While we take the greatest care when handling our client’s own stones,  we do not take responsibility for breakage or damage that could occur during the manufacturing process. We encourage you to make a time to discuss your ideas with our design team.


Can I buy just the stone and let my partner choose the ring later?
Yes, we know that sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what design to go with. So we can package up the diamond in a beautiful box for your proposal, then visit us in the boutique with your partner where your bespoke journey begins. What we have done many times is sketch up the proposed ring design, with your guidance, and we choose one you think they might like, and we can block mount it and wrap it up with the diamond. This way you are proposing with more than a loose stone and can share with your partner the intended design without the commitment of having the ring completely made.