Old is New Again - Remodelling Diamond Jewellery

Heirloom pieces are beautiful symbolic reflections of family, loyalty and love. A deep rooted, emotive and cherished connection to our family history, passed on from one generation to another, they provide an opportunity to celebrate milestones or mark accomplishments in our lives.

Diamond jewellery carries not only the promise of becoming a family heirloom, but a physical connection between generations knowing that the diamond has touched the skin of previous wearers and is charged with emotion and memories.

Rohan Jewellers is privileged to reinvent generational pieces for modern times, from vintage jewellery to engagement rings – pieces that symbolise past eras and rich stories, and carefully redesign them into exquisite pieces of fine jewellery to wear for years to come.

The single most important part of working on redesigns or refurbishment of heirloom pieces, is to respect where the jewellery has come from. Not only the jewellery, but each component of the piece, particularly when we are taking them apart. Our team of jewellers will assess the piece for any possible risks. Some precious metals cannot be melted and reused and some diamonds will require revitalisation to bring them to their former glory before being reset into a new design.

Redesigning inherited or generational jewellery can be a fun, yet very emotional process. Clients will bring us numerous pieces of jewellery that may represent loved ones. It is our role to work with their vision and recreate them into something beautiful and wearable with respect to their meaning and sentimental value.

When remodelling diamond jewellery, our jewellers carefully consider what the client is looking for in the redesign – an everyday piece of jewellery that reminds them of their loved one, or a special occasion piece that respects the original era of the piece. As specialists in bespoke fine jewellery, we work to the individual requests of our clients and handcraft a design to their style and preference with the upmost care and precision.