Argyle Pink Diamonds: The Collector's Edition

⁣The Collector’s Edition presents a unique opportunity to own a curated selection of these rare Argyle pink diamonds.

With a verified Argyle origin and the impending closure of the mine, the limited supply release will become a treasured collectible or ideal for handcrafting into a bespoke jewellery creation.

The concept was developed in conjunction with Argyle Pink Diamonds and the Antwerp based grading laboratory, International Gemological Institute.

Each packet consisting of individual or multiple diamonds is independently certified by the ‘International Gemological Institute’ (IGI) for diamond quality and guaranteed Argyle provenance.

Never before has an opportunity allowed for an affordable and elegant way to own Argyle Pink Diamonds.

Sold as single stones, pairs, or sets, they can be collected or allow our Master Jeweller and craftsmen to integrate them into your next heirloom piece of jewellery.

Make a viewing appointment at our Leederville or city boutique or contact us to discuss your investment further: 08 9242 1155, [email protected]


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