Made with our hands, for yours.

Our design philosophy is based on a combination of contemporary rationale and traditional crafting methods in a world where luxury and versatility coexist, guided by expertise, individuality and craftsmanship, interweaved with personal stories and experiences.

Craftsmanship is a Cornerstone

Craftsmanship is a cornerstone of Rohan’s world, honouring the traditions of the past, creating pieces that enhance the way you live.

Creating bespoke jewellery resonates with the notion of allowing creativity to flourish without time limitations, allowing ideas to develop naturally, often leading to unexpected and meaningful outcomes.


The Atelier

– a place where stories are woven into jewellery and future heirlooms are destined to transcend time.   

Our History and Heritage

“I’m not here to make a sale, I’m here to make amazing jewellery.”

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