How to Personalise Your Wedding Bands

As the trend for personalisation continues to grow, many couples are opting to create a custom design that is more reflective of their personality, style, and that adds to their love story. We believe a wedding band shouldn’t be beholden to the engagement ring design, rather it should complement and respect the aesthetic. To avoid wedding bands being too ‘matching’, it may just be a small reference to tie them together. Sometimes it is so personal that only the couple know what the personalised aspect means.

From using different metals and textures, to including hidden details through engraving or incorporating a meaningful gemstone, we explore the many ways available to personalise your wedding band.


Engraving to the inside of your wedding band is a classic and effective way of personalising your design. Consider incorporating name initials of your partner, important dates, the latitude and longitude of where you met or your wedding location, meaningful symbols or a significant quote.

A timeless way to take your wedding bands to a new level of personal, outer engraving brings love and sentiment to your rings for everyone to see. Hand engraving is a traditional technique conducted by a specialist engraver, and is a niche craft that has been done the same way for centuries – with a sharpened piece of hardened steel. The process can take hours to complete by hand but the result is a beautiful effect with an intricate and unique pattern.

Birthstone or Gemstones

Couples, both the men and ladies are embracing diamonds and coloured gemstones in their wedding band designs. Diamonds, being the hardest gemstone are the perfect choice for their everyday durability. Sapphires follow closely behind on hardness and are available in a wide range of colours from blue, to purple, pink, yellow, orange or green, the palette is almost endless – with the most rare being the delightful mix of orange and pink, known as the Padparadscha sapphire.

You may also consider incorporating your birthstones into a custom design (subject to the gem’s property/hardness of course).

Metal Type and Finishes

As specialists in creating men’s and ladies wedding bands we can provide a choice of different metals and finishes. Today, the metal options are extensive and one of the main ways to customise your ring. Metal types that we can offer include white, yellow and rose gold, platinum, titanium, palladium, damascus steel and mokume gane.

Metal finishes include pebbled, hammered, satin, matte, brushed and polished.

Mixing metals is now very on trend with many wedding band styles available in two or more metals combined.

Unique Diamond Cuts and Settings

The most common choice of diamond shape is a round brilliant cut but there are many fancy shaped diamonds and gemstones to choose from. Combining different types of diamond cuts in a design results in a unique and sophisticated ring. 

Due to its flat profile, channel settings are a popular choice and a classic wedding band style, with each stone positioned side by side and retained by a continuous setting edge. This setting is ideal for a bride with comfort and diamond protection in mind as the design has the diamonds recessed into the band, making them securely protected.

Bezel settings are identified by a metal fringe that gently overlaps the entire circumference of a diamond to secure it in place; a popular choice for the more fragile marquise-cut diamonds and pear-cut diamonds.

Wishbone shaped wedding bands are very versatile and can be worn with a variety of different shaped engagement rings or on their own. The perfect choice for the modern bride.

All of our designs are one-of-a-kind, each skilfully handcrafted in our Leederville workshop and made to be loved forever.

Personalise every detail of your wedding band to reflect your style with our bespoke service. Book an appointment with our design team via [email protected] or 08 9242 1155.

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