4 Women Share the Journey Behind Their Redesigned Family Heirlooms

Heirloom pieces are beautiful symbolic reflections of family, loyalty and love. A deep rooted, emotive and cherished connection to our family history, passed on from one generation to another, they provide an opportunity to celebrate milestones or mark accomplishments in our lives.

We are privileged to reinvent generational pieces for modern times. Delve into the stories behind these treasured bespoke heirloom creations we recently reimagined for our clients.

“It was very emotional to see the ring you crafted for Courtney from my grandmother’s engagement ring and my mother’s 40th wedding anniversary ring. Both rings had not been worn since my mother died in 2003. I was never a fan of my mother’s ring, but loved my grandmother’s ring and remember her wearing it. She was a very special person in my life. I actually have not taken off her wedding band or my mother’s, since mum died. I was hesitant for Courtney to have the rings redesigned as they held special memories for me. But seeing this beautiful ring, has now made it very special to Courtney, and instead of being in my drawer, and never being worn, it has become a ring that I would never want to take off!!! It has a bit of competition with her stunning engagement ring, but has given the memories and love associated with both rings, new life and ready for the next four generations! It is absolutely beautiful. Thank you.” – JILL RIDOUT (COURTNEY BORMOLINI’S MOTHER)

“This is a redesign using my mum’s engagement ring diamond. I sat with it for a while, prior to deciding to have it made into a ring that I can wear every day. I wanted it to be fresh and bold but I wanted the diamond to stand alone in the design. With this particular diamond, it is quite common for it to be in a trio. I wanted to be able to say THAT is my mums diamond not ‘one of those diamonds in the design is my mums diamond’, so I worked with Rohan to put my own creative mark on designing it into something modern and contemporary but with history and meaning.”


“My great grandfather was a carpenter and he did a job for an opal miner in South Australia. Great Grandpa was paid for the carpentry job with a spectacular opal. Grandpa got the opal made up in a simple setting and gave it to my Grandma (his daughter and his only child) for her 21st Birthday. Grandma had four sons (Colin, Peter, Graeme and Brian). Sadly, Brian died as a baby and Grandma’s husband passed away when she was only 36. I was her first granddaughter and was gifted her opal ring when she passed away in 2008. I asked Rohan to fix the ring for me (it had been cut off Grandma’s finger at some point and the ring was damaged). We decided at that point to redesign the ring into something spectacular that can continue to be passed down our family line. It’s is so beautiful.” – NATASHA SMITH

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